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Specialty Metal Coating Services

The United Machine Works welding shop has the industry expertise and production equipment to offer high-quality specialty metal coating services. We provide a complete range of custom metal coating solutions to accommodate both the performance and aesthetic requirements of your industrial fabrication project.

Custom Metal Coating Solutions for a Range of Industrial Applications

United Machine works offers numerous specialized metal coating options, including:

  • Phosphate Coating
  • Custom Powder Coating
  • Galvanizing

Phosphate Coating Services

We provide specialized phosphate coatings which provide a high degree of rust prevention, corrosion protection, and anti-galling for your products. Our custom phosphate coatings can also reduce friction for enhanced performance of sliding components.

Powder Coating Services

Our commercial powder coating services are a durable, high-performance, and sustainable alternative to industrial painting solutions. Powder coating offers your metal components ample protection from rust, weather, and corrosion. Additionally, custom powder coating colors and designs can enhance the aesthetics of your products while promoting your unique brand.

Galvanizing Services

Galvanized steel components resist rust and corrosion and exhibit an extremely hard surface which is resistant to wear and mechanical damage. In most industrial applications, galvanizing is a lower-cost alternative to stainless steel while also being easier to maintain.

One of the Gulf Coast’s Leading Providers of Specialty Metal Coatings

Based in Houston, Texas, the United Machine Works weld shop has provided over half a century of quality domestic welding and fabrication services to the Gulf Coast and beyond. From the oil, gas and renewable energy sector to industrial manufacturing and defense applications, we are your single source for superior welding quality and consistency.