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Customized Modular Skid Fabrication Services

The United Machine Works welding shop offers precision fabrication solutions for custom modular skid applications. Specializing in the high-performance energy production sector, oil and gas, as well as industrial manufacturing applications, our facility can design, fabricate and deliver your truly optimized turnkey modular skid solution.

The Advantage of Our Custom Modular Skid Fabrication Solutions

Reduced Long-Term Production Costs

  • United Machine Works’ modular design, engineering and fabrication process is streamlined under one roof. The total manufacturing process therefore requires less labor and material costs when compared to traditional skid systems.
  • In the case of multi-unit skid projects, maximum efficiency is achieved by designing and constructing the modular skid system fully from scratch. Our fabrication department can then manufacture exact duplicates more quickly and consistently.
  • Due to the efficiency in design, less steel is required for the custom fabrication of a modular system when compared to conventional non-modular skid options.
  • The costs of shipping, transportation and delivery are also each reduced through the systems’ modularity.

Streamline Your Project to Market

  • Modular construction occurs in parallel with site civil and facilities work in-plant.
  • Uncontrollable weather delays are eliminated during build as modules are completed inside the skid fabrication plant.
  • Installation and startup time requirements are minimized through our turnkey design, fabrication and assembly services.

Precision Assembly – ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System

  • Welding, pipe-fitting and other fabrication processes are performed in-house under clean working conditions.
  • Highly trained and experienced assembly and fabrication technicians ensure consistent work and worker availability.

Your Single-Source Modular Skid Fabricator on the Gulf Coast

Based in Houston, Texas, the United Machine Works weld shop has provided over half a century of quality domestic welding and fabrication services to the Gulf Coast and beyond. From the oil, gas and renewable energy sector to industrial manufacturing and defense applications, we are your single source for superior welding quality and consistency.

Our skilled metal fabrication professionals work with stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, and exotic metals.  We provide custom fabrication, mechanical equipment repair and welding, grinding, punching, notching, and sawing. Our shop has all the metal fabrication equipment needed to fulfill your needs, including hydraulic press brake, hydraulic shear, welders, punch, notcher, and rolls. We fabricate and repair to your specifications.  If you are unsure of your needs, we would be happy to assist you in order to accommodate your needs.

All services require a deposit for new customers, payable by credit card, check, or cash. We can take the payment over the phone. No deposit is required for established customers (although verification of your order would be required with written confirmation or purchase order).

If we discover any discrepancies in the drawings that you send us, you will be notified of what we discover. We can then modify the drawing to make it cleaner and correct the mistakes. Before fabrication starts, you will be shown new drawings for verificati

What We Need

You can either send us your engineering drawings or even a simple dimensional sketch of what you need done. You can also bring us a sample of the fabricated item to replicate or we can visit you at your facility. Also a detailed explanation of what the product will be for will also be helpful for the metal stock to be used. Your drawing or sketch can be attached to your email, or you can fax it to us. If you do not have a drawing, provide a brief description of what you are looking for and what you would like to discuss. Don’t forget to give us a convenient contact date and time and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate. Call back consultations are free, and fabricated metal products turnaround time is determined by the job.