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Superior American Contract Manufacturing Solutions Since 1972

For more than half a century, United Machine Works has provided superior welding, fabrication, and metal coating services to Houston, Texas area OEMs and small businesses throughout the Gulf Coast region.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC machine shop and fabrication facility, we offer a range of quality-backed contract manufacturing services with the promise of on-time delivery at a fair cost, all while supplying unbeatable customer service and responsive, sustainable product development solutions.

Family-Owned and Operated for More Than 50 Years

Founded in 1972 and based out of New Waverly, Texas, United Machine Works was established to provide the Gulf Coast region with quality American machining and fabrication services. Today, our dedication to quality carries forward with our current President and original founding family still at the helm.

Joey Adams started working at United Machine Works as a young teen in the company’s early years. Always a dedicated hard worker, Joey climbed his way up the ranks while he finished college, then eventually took over the leadership responsibilities where he remains to this day.

Joey is 100% committed to customer satisfaction and 100% committed to the United Machine Works ISO 9001 certified business management system.

Our Mission: 100% Customer Satisfaction Backed by Sustainable Production Solutions

At United Machine Works, it is our mission to supply our customers with 100% customer satisfaction through ongoing and constant communication, commitment to on-time delivery and quality requirements, fair and accurate pricing, all while maintaining our position as a leader in the local community.